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  In order to improve the students' ability to speak English and enrich their spare time, the Students' Union of Department of English is to host a school-wide English-speaking contest, which is to be held on Friday next week at the Students' Recreational Center. Subjects may range from sports to campus life, from our society to international relations, depending on your own interest. Those who are interested in taking part in it are supposed to sign up with the monitor of their classes before this Sunday. Some overseas teachers will be invited to be the judges. The first ten winners will be given awards. Everybody is welcome to be present on the occasion.

  The Students' Union of the Department of English





  June. 17, 2017

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I'm a student in the university and a loyal reader of this library. I'm writing to share with you some of my ideas about the services of our library, which I hope will be of any help to you.

  To better serve the students, I would like to suggest as follows. It should be noted that several magazines in our library are out of date. It would be beneficial to us students if they could be updated in time. And I suggest introducing some new journals so as to bring new fresh air to the library. Furthermore, since we have a huge number of books, it is not easy to find the right one, so we had better introduce some new searching means. Most importantly, I would be delighted if you would expand the size of the computer lab. Currently, I often have to wait for quite a while before a computer becomes available.

  Thank you for taking time reading this letter and I'm looking forward to seeing some new changes soon. I would like to extend my greatest appreciation if you are so kind as to take my suggestions into consideration.

  Sincerely yours,

  Li Ming






  您真?#31995;模?br />


  满意 不清楚 不满意
小于40岁 16.70% 50% 33.30%
40-50岁 0% 36% 64%
大于50岁 40% 50% 10%


  ①As is vividly illustrated in the table, it showed that the staff member in various age ranges varied dramatically on employment satisfaction. ②In the light of the statistics presented above, 40% of the employees over 50 have been satisfied with their occupation condition. ③By the sharp contrast, the workers whose ages are between 41 and 50 hold 64.0% of their job discontent,the highest one among all the three age brackets. ④Of the employees under 40,the rate of their job gratification is 16.7%, and that of dissatisfaction 33.3%。

  ①Apparently, among the working folks remaining the largest discontent is middle-aged people, aging between 41 and 50, which cannot be dismissed; and its major contributing factors must be noted, among which the pair, in my personal sense, tend to be more believable and receivable. ②For one thing, the people in this life stage with higher pressures and more questions tend to miss the joy of job itself. ③For another, the opportunities, welfares and compensations companies provided by large lag behind what the middle-aged people need.

  ①As has been analyzed above, it would soundly reach the conclusion that if desiring to raise the degree of working satisfaction of its employees, the corporations should make more efforts to center on mental and physical development of their staff and improve their working treatment, which would be a co-win strategy.


  in various age ranges 不同的年龄范围

  employment satisfaction 工作满意度

  in the light of 根据……

  dismiss v. 不予考虑

  major contributing factors 主要影响因素

  in my personal sense 依我之见

  compensation n. 工资,薪酬

  by large 很大程度上

  lag behind 落后

  reach the conclusion 下结论

  center on 关注







  Write an essay based on the chart below. In your writing, you should

  1) interpret the chart, and 2) give your comments.


  The pie chart available features the proportion of purposes of traveling of college students in a certain university. According to the chart, the purposes can be grouped into five categories as follows: sightseeing, diffusing stress, making friends, developing the ability for independence, and others. In general, the figures suggest that sightseeing makes up the largest percentage with 37%, and then next is diffusing stress, which accounts for 33%, followed by others, constituting 15%, and finally come developing ability and making friends, at 9% and 6% respectively.

  As the society develops, an increasing number of college students spare time travelling home and abroad. It should be noted, of course, that what the overwhelming majority of college students pursue today is virtually nothing but playing and travelling. And it is also thought-provoking to find that a tiny minority of them travel for such broader reasons as developing ability and making friends.

  Indeed, they should be made aware that we attach much importance to ability-developing and friend-making rather than simply go to tourist attractions. If more travelling is to be organized for improving and enriching experience, the prospect of college students will be better as they all wish.






  Directions: Write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should

  1) interpret the chart, and

  2) give your comments


   ①Based on the data provided, it can be noticed that the number of students who attend part-time jobs more often than not have been rising in different grades. ②As is depicted in the chart, there was an increasing tendency, with 67.77% freshmen choosing to take a sideline, and a modest rise occurring to sophomores and juniors, but the seniors reaching the maximum at 88.24%.

  ①Obviously, there are several advantages which might result from the trend of college students participating in part-time jobs. ②At the top of the list tends to be that students might obtain financial aids or material support during the period of attending the sideline. ③Besides, it must be admitted that they may come to become more financially prudent and be more aware of the struggles of others, which might help them treat the world with prudence and tolerance. ④Above all, there seems to be no denying the fact that involving in the relevant jobs may relieve the students' stress, pressure and burden, promoting their life course and moral character toward virtuous directions.

  ①On the basis of the above advantages,we could come to a conclusion that only if students well weigh academic life against working time, taking part-time jobs is a good choice and practice.


  more often than not 往往,通常

  freshman 大一新生

  sophomore 大二学生

  junior 大三学生

  senior 大四学生

  result from 起因于

  financial aids 资金支持

  material support 物?#25163;?#25345;

  it must be admitted that 必须承认

  there seems to be no denying the fact that 似乎不可否认

  come to a conclusion 下结论

  weigh against 权衡









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